Five of us, 4 adults and our 6 year old grandchild went to Vrisaki for Sunday lunch, the restaurant was not busy when we arrived, but filled up about an hour later. We ordered a couple of starters to share, and these were supplemented with small portions of olives, lentils, beetroot, radishes and flatbread. We had ordered a selection of kebabs, and I had the kleftiko for main courses. The kebabs come with rice and a small salad, the kleftiko with rice and roast potatoes and a small salad. Everyone seemed to have large portions, my kleftiko was huge, I would have estimated at least 1 pound of meat. Every meal was nicely cooked, the kleftico fell off the bone, and tasted wonderful. Because of the extra dishes I was overwhelmed by tender juicy lamb, and had to persuade my widfe and son in law to help me out. This is definitely a restaurant I would like to visit again, and will recommend it to anyone with large appetite. The staff were welcoming and attentive. The cost represented very good value for money.